July 31, 2006

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July 29, 2006

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July 28, 2006

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antisocial bookmarking

social bookmarking, one of those ideas i talked about back in my web 2.0 post , is still hanging around in my head. wikipedia says that it's "an increasingly popular way to locate, classify, rank, and share Internet resources through the practice of tagging and inferences drawn from grouping and analysis of tags." (social bookmarking - wikipedia)

del.icio.us falls into that category...so does digg. i use the former, but not the latter. in fact, i kinda don't like the latter. i see it as a sort of ripoff of sites that have been around longer (and ones that i actually visit/participate): fark and slashdot. in fact, there's a "competition" between digg and slashdot (at least in the eyes of digg users).

my beef with it, i guess, is that social bookmarking is still a useless idea. but i just said i use del.icio.us, a social bookmarking site, right? ah, but i primarily don't use it to find my favorite links of other users. instead, it's a repository for all sorts of things i find interesting and probably will want to talk about later. beats the hell out of typing links into posts daily...it does it automatically. i'll admit, i actually will look at some user favorites, but that boils down to hunting for comic related links that i didn't know of, not "let me see everything this guy has found interesting." i reserve that for warren ellis, but that's because he's crazy AND and damn good comic writer.

hmm...come to think of it, my last non-link post mentioned the site boing boing and i commented on it saying "i must admit, i don't find anything particularly special about boing boing...i didn't even visit or stumble on it until this year, even though i knew of it." the same can be said of digg. the sites are virtually the same, just not in execution.

i don't know, digg just seems a little too cocksure and it shows through the users...of course, they are the ones who submit articles and vote on them, leading to some criticism which i'll link at the bottom. you know, that seems to be the m.o. of the entire web 2.0 movement: "we're doing great things and so we're great." i can't help but take issue with that. that arrogance even seems to be around the "gaming renaissance" and the "nerd/geek is the new cool" trends. actually, all three are somewhat interrelated (i know if there was a venn diagram for these, i'd be in the intersection). coming from being a nerd before it was cool to now, that mindset seems totally out of character.

and now for the criticisms of digg, as promised (though both authors say they use the site):

For Great Justice, Take Off Every Digg
"This article explains and demonstrates a conceptual flaw in diggs service model that causes biased (or rigged) as well as lowest-common-denominator hype to be generated, causing a dumbing down of society (as a crowd)."

Diggs Users Make Me Angry
arguing that digg and slashdot are too different to be "in a war"

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July 27, 2006

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July 26, 2006

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July 25, 2006

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July 24, 2006

disney is somewhat utopian in the future, too

well, i was trying to think of something interesting to post here, but i've landed on just an update. so what's been going on? i've started using stash my comics more and more. right now i've gotten 2 of the 10 (or is it 11) boxes of comics entered. it's a slick system and one i'm actually looking forward to filling out. of course, it's just an excuse to go through my comics again.

one of my hard drives is on the fritz again, so i'm investigating solutions. one possibility may be to freeze the drive. i'm actually thinking this will solve my problem, but i need another drive large enough to actually copy the data to.

in the world of books, i picked up down and out in the magic kingdom while in indiannapolis. it was written by cory doctorow, a prevalent internet personality and co-editor of boing boing (i must admit, i don't find anything particularly special about boing boing...i didn't even visit or stumble on it until this year, even though i knew of it). anyway, the book is good stuff. it was released in 2003 via creative commons and was freely distributable electronically, which was cool because i actually downloaded it way back then, but never got around to reading it since it was a text file...too harsh on my eyes.

the genre is safely postcyberpunk (wikipedia), but that just means it's a little easier to get into in my experience. i love the cyberpunk books of gibson, but they aren't the smoothest reading stories ever. neal stephenson's snow crash, for all my qualms with it, was easy to get into with its interesting/gripping plot and and it's postcyberpunk. down and out... keeps up the tradition, but doesn't have the condescending tone that snow crash had. i read this book in about half a day, a rarity for me these days.

doctorow definitely did his research regarding disney world and the magic kingdom, the book's primary setting. i'm quite familiar with that area, having been there multiple times and also being acquainted with it's history and backstory. his description of the places made it feel like i was there, only in the future. the characters are nicely realized, especially jules and dan, and the technology is intriguing, but not entirely far-fetched.

the key thing about this book is that it revitalized my interest in the genre. i even would like to read snow crash again, but i'd first like to read doctorow's other offerings. his ideas on what the future could turn into are just too interesting to read once and not think on them afterward.

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July 22, 2006

July 21, 2006

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July 14, 2006

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July 13, 2006

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July 12, 2006

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storyline crossovers get me thinking

first, let me start this off with links. it looks like i've had comics on the brain for a little while...that's true. what i'm trying to do is play catch up in the world of marvel and dc, but it's tough since both companies have gigantic storylines in progress. with marvel it's currently "civil war" which followed "decimation" which followed "house of m" which followed "avengers disassembled." meanwhile, concerning a different set of marvel heroes, we have "annihilation" going on. for dc we have, concurrently, two storylines: "one year later" and "52." these both came out of "infinite crisis" which followed 4 mini series' which followed "countdown to infinite crisis" which followed "identity crisis." see what i mean? anyway, to get caught up on the universes, i've been scouring the web (should i say tubes?) for info and two sites (one's actually a subset of the other) have come in handy. the main site is comic book resources and the subset is comics should be good.

now, i'm not even going to attempt to synopsize these two crossovers...i don't have that kind of time and i'm not completely up-to-date on them, either. instead, i wanted to type about an article titled "nostalgia should be good." one point is brought up that i hadn't really thought of lately: the absence of footnotes in today's comics. this is one thing that would definitely help my situation of playing catch-up. instead of hunting through all issues of all comics or wading through entire synopses, i can read the comics i'm interested in and, as it was in the past, discover the other issues i may need to read based on the footnote and editorial information. older crossovers like "x-cutioner's song," "blood ties," "age of apocalypse," etc., used to tell me what was going on if something was reference outside of this book.

another point the article brings up is a "year in review" sort of collection that does the hard work of telling what happened, let's say, in the marvel universe over the past year. this was done by marvel in the early 90s and i think it would be great if that tradition returned. i'd surely buy it. but this brings up another idea in my head. is this being done by somebody? if not, then why not? the web would be a perfect place for this, especially if it utilized the wiki format. that way the info wouldn't be reliant on one person. sure, there are wikis for characters and storylines and such, but not for a specific universe organized by year. titles could be listed alphabetically and related to each other (if they're related). each could be synopsized for the year and footnoted to earlier years if need be. also, major marvel-wide crossover events (such as "civil war" and "annihilation") could be separated out and detailed. finally, the major of events of the year could be touched on and they could include notable events like (from this year) the new warriors accidentally caused lots of innocent kids to die, congress proposed a super-human registration act, tony stark publicly reveals himself as iron man, the black panther and storm get married, etc. sort of like a timeline for the year with a little bit of information tied to it...this could, once again, be linked back to the series synopses.

like i said, this could be around already and i just don't know of it. if not, i'd love for someone to make it...hell, i'd love to make it but it's not like i have all sorts of other projects going on, let alone the time to read all of the comics published by a company for the year, synopsize, and organize them for archiving. man, that would be sweet! out.

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July 11, 2006

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July 10, 2006

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chappelle's show zombified

this post is to serve two purposes: to test out pinging technorati and express my disdain for last night's chappelle's show lost episodes.

first off, technorati is one of those fancy web 2.0 sites that aggregates blogs, etc, etc. i've been a member there since '04, but i haven't done much with it. in fact, i thought i had this configured to automatically ping whenever i posted, but it's telling me i haven't updated in 132 days. that's not the truth at all, since i have a daily post automatically from del.icio.us. i'm not holding my breath, though, just trying to find the problem.

secondly, last night's chappelle's show just seemed wrong to me. jessica thought so as well. i didn't like that charlie murphy and donnell rawlings came out to host. it seemed more like them milking the series instead of reviving it. also, most of the sketches were rough. i think that comedy central just grabbed all of the footage that dave shot and decided to air it all without considering whether the sketches were complete. case in point: the "tron got beat up by method man" sketch made no sense at all. all in all, i'm going to watch these new ones, but it seems sad in comparison to the fun the previous seasons had. out.

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July 08, 2006

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x-tremely disappointed with modern chris claremont

there have been times that i become disenchanted with my favorite comic series, the x-men. this usually happens because things start happening that have (a) happened before, (b) pertain to characters i'm not particulary fond of, or (c) are just plain boring. the problem i mainly have is that new writers come in and want to do their own thing...sometimes it works really well, sometimes it's nothing special, and sometimes it really sucks. the last time this happened for me was when grant morrison took over the reigns. i tried to like it, i really tried, but it seemed like the same old thing over and over.

this latest time, however, is by chris claremont, one of the most respected of the x-men scribes. he's been around and knows the subject material. he's even written some of the best storylines: dark phoenix and days of future past. he lasted with the series until 1991, leaving marvel because of disagreements with the editorial staff. i think that's when his talent for the x-men also left him. i say this because when he returned to the series in 2000 for the "revolution" event, his stories really blew. they had nothing to do with what previously happened in the title. the characters that were headlining seemed to be forgotten and his favorites got the spotlight. and, i'm sorry, i just don't like many of his favorites.

for clarification, his favorites seem to be most of the characters he's created, so i guess i can't blame him, but there's something about rogue and gambit that bores me to no end. rachel summers, kitty pryde, and psylocke are ok, but i like hearing about other characters instead of just them. my personal favorite, angel/archangel, always gets lost in the shuffle.

so i tried to read these as well, but quickly lost interest. sorry chris claremont, you've driven me away from my favored uncanny x-men to regular x-men (at the time, being written by peter milligan). i think both writers have changed now, so i may check back, but my interest is always damaged when you take the book over. look at x-treme x-men. besides being horribly titled, this book had your writing and salvador larocca's art. i think it lasted around 40 issues and was basically a book that you lumped rogue, gambit, psylocke, bishop, storm, beast, a different thunderbird, and sage together. you killed off psylocke (that didn't last...i think you brought her back once you were on uncanny again) and changed beast into beauty and the beast. the worst, i think, is when this book was cancelled and you transferred to uncanny, you threw away everything else that uncanny had been doing and decided to, basically, continue the events of x-treme.

i don't know why everyone still loves your stuff...maybe they like your characters. i just think that your titles have become rehashes with way too many words for a comic. where your name on a cover used to mean "must buy," it now means "must avoid" for me. out.

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July 06, 2006

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July 05, 2006

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harshness...courtesy of warren ellis

The little girl sat crying on the park bench, clutching a pink backpack with an envelope sticking out of it. I sat next to her, phone in my hand. Are you lost?"

"No. My mummy and daddy died and I have to live with Grandma
who hates me so I'm running away."

"Oh, honey," I said. "I'm so sorry about your parents."

"Grandma makes me do horrible things and when I complain she
makes me read the note mummy and daddy left me before they died."

She gave me the envelope. The note inside read:

"You made us do this."

Warren Ellis 2006

harsh, man....harsh. the original story was posted at warren ellis' livejournal.

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July 04, 2006

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